And The Winners Are …

Aug 30, 2016

My layout is back up! I just realized I did not need to take it down. The new layout is still in progress and should be completed this week. Yay, for a new look. Now onto the contest. To see all of the submissions, click here.

Drum Roll Please …

7th Place Goes To:
Thank you, for your grungy submissions!

6th Place Goes To:
Thank you, for the variety and cuteness!

5th Place Goes To:
Thank you, for your grungy and dreamy submissions!

4th Place Goes To:
Thank you, for your cute submissions!

It was very close between the 3 contestants …

3rd Place Goes To:
Thank you, for your alluring submissions!

2nd Place Goes To:
Thank you, for your dreamy submissions!

1st Place Goes To:
Thank you, for your dreamy submissions!

I love all of your submissions and would love to be able to use your submissions (with credit given to you of course!). If you have any problems with this, please let me know. I will be contacting the winners shortly :D To the other contestants that did not place in the ‘Top 3’ you guys did an awesome job and do not let this deter you in anyway! I hope to see you all back and then some for my next contest.

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